Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Day 9

IMG_9561It was Saturday – my rest day and night in Najera – and I had a pleasant evening in town at one of the many, local bars where I could access their free WIFI and work on my posts.  Now before you think I’m spending my evenings boozing it up, let me talk a little about the bars in Spain.

Liquor can be had at any cafeteria, coffee shop, vending machine, restaurant, and bar in northern Spain.  I go in for morning coffee at the corner coffee shop, where I can get a croissant or other pastry along with my coffee, and right alongside the orange juice are two or three neat rows of various liquors.  I’ve seen beer, San Miquel, in vending machines right alongside Coca-Cola and Fanta Orange.  When I checked into my hotel room in Najera, I was slightly confused when the receptionist asked, “Me gusta vino?” (Do you like wine?).  When I said “Yes.” He quickly disappeared to the cellar and came back with a bottle of their local red wine, and gave it to me as a gift to drink while in my room.  In every restaurant, cafeteria, and bar that serves the Menu de Peregrino, one has a choice between water, soda, beer or wine.  It’s all included in the price – water or wine.  If I say the wine, at least a half-bottle is set on the table for my consumption.  Now here’s the twist from what we know of America. Continue reading Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Day 9