Man and God – Part Four – Our Social Construct

Humanity has been obsessed with the ‘Why’ of things since before homo sapiens ever emerged from its previous ancestors.  And as you might have gleaned in my last post, God & Man – Part Three – Scarcity, I am asserting that we have had little choice in the matter as to what type of animal we would become.  Much of our future was predestined by the nature of ourselves within the environment about us.  You may think we’ve had some options, and you’d be wrong; the point being that humanity can never exist, nor evolve in a manner that does not fit within the universe’s natural mechanics.  Something not there cannot be a causal agent.  Continue reading Man and God – Part Four – Our Social Construct

Man & God – Part Two

Sorry for the disappearing act from my blog.  There have been a couple of health issue skirmishes over the past year, and they have been quite the preoccupation.  I’m getting better, and so, I hope to reengage my readers with my continuing spiritual voyage.  I promise you all, this voyage is going to become one that should tingle and hopefully illuminate the core of your beliefs about your metaphysical composition, as well as your eschatological future.

There is some good news midst the trials I have faced recently.  My completed book, The Road to Spiritual Iron, has been published, both in Kindle and paperback formats.  I’m quite excited about the whole thing, and do hope you check it out.  The link is right here.  Give it a read, and tell me what you think.

So, let’s proceed from my earlier post. Continue reading Man & God – Part Two

Man & God – Part One

Let God 01

I have written, on and off, on my blog, Travels of a New Christian, since 2012.  In fact, it has been over a year since my last blog.  Much has happened since then, not the least of which is that I have completed my first book, The Road to Spiritual Iron. 

Recent events and revelations have brought me back to my blog to start a series that I believe is long overdue.  It’s exploratory.  I am not asserting that what follows in this series is of a foundational nature in my theology, nor am I using this series to attack Christianity.  However, our Western culture had moved so voraciously, since the 1960’s, in a direction other than that of the Christian hopeful, that it appears to be a good time to examine some of foundational characteristics of what has been called Christianity since the Roman Empire established Nicene Christianity as its state religion in 380 A.D., with the Edict of Thessalonica. Continue reading Man & God – Part One

The Commonality of Faith

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face.

In the modern, secular world, the average citizen has lost the appreciation of just how fundamental religious identity is to our basic existence.  The secularist – remote to the religious experience all about them each and every day – sees religion as a membership in an organization; a simple choice that can be flipped with an opportunistic lifestyle, a change in schedule, or a little enlightenment.  The results of such a naiveté is just beginning to roost like gargoyles on the growing discord we call diversity.

But religion is not an organization with a human leadership that shops for designer bargains at a factory-outlet store.  Religion isn’t just tucked neatly within the prefrontal cortex of the brain; ready to be affected by neuroplasticity brought about by human events.  Religion has demonstrated that it is much more pervasive and prevailing in all human cultures; signaling that it is embodied within every cell within every human body.  It is not likely to go away with a “shoo”, or retreat to its dog house with a “bad doggie”.

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