By Whose Authority?

In my usual research, I reach out to various reference platforms; this subject of authority being no different. What was interesting in most of them was not the content of information available, but rather the lack thereof on the subject of authority. One we all know, Wikipedia, on its primary page on this subject, has a little less than 1600 words on this subject matter.  Why there’s literally three times as much information on ice cream in Wikipedia as there is on authority. In addition, the website IEP, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, has no separately listed entry for authority at all. Wow! considering the reality that human authority is pretty much responsible for the vast majority of human development – good and bad – since the beginning of our overly-conscious species.

This is fascinating; considering the existence of authority in our human societal structure is the most dominant, controlling element of human behavior. If I didn’t know better, and I don’t so I’ll go ahead and say it, one would think it’s almost conspiratorial the lack of revealing information on the nature of authority. This is something I will comment on in a later post. Continue reading By Whose Authority?

Through the Shining Light

This is a continuation of my writings on the spirit within us all.  It has been some time since I posted last.  No, I have not run away, nor ventured far.  Rather I have come to some understanding of God’s work upon me these last few years, and have thus put myself in His hands with each morning sun.  Most important, I’ve come to understand finally what God has done to me and for me, and I offer it in a marriage between prose and poetry: Continue reading Through the Shining Light