Puenta La Reina to Estella – Day 5 – I’m Still Learning


Heading out of town entailed walking down Calle Mayor and over the old bridge towards highway NA-1110, where we cross and flow on into the back country.  Leaving Puente La Reina was the beginning of the departure from land used for wheat, cattle and sheep, and became the beginning of wine country.  The soil was the same, a sepia-colored brown that the plow blade could turn easily, yet I had crossed over from vast, rolling expanses into a land that much resembled the knarled appearance of the grape vine trunk and branches.  The land heaved and rolled, outcropped and collapsed into ravines; I found myself in a constantly changing scene of raw earth and cultivated hillside.  At other times it would break out onto a valley or plateau where I could see for long distances.  As a result, I found the walking adventurous.  If I didn’t especially like where I was at one moment, just walk and wait; things would change.

It is one of the conditions I have noticed of this land in northern Spain, the Navarre.  There is little desire to change the raw nature of the land.  The rain-gutted, gravel road isn’t some backwoods, dead-end road to nowhere, as it might be in America, but rather a tended road; clean of debris and dotted with the occasional sewer, water, or telephone access cap.  It’s used, but little desire exists to transform it into a human contrivance of technology and planning.  It’s a road; got it?  Do we need to do more? Continue reading Puenta La Reina to Estella – Day 5 – I’m Still Learning