The Spirit Within

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I did not name my blog, Travels of a New Christian, just to note that I am a new Christian in need of learning. That is very true, but more so, it is because learning requires traveling; both physically and spiritually. Whether it is as a child or teen walking to school and stepping out the paces from one class room to the next; or visiting a museum, taking in a play, seeing a movie, strolling along a beach’s tide line, camping in a forest; or perhaps just rocking gently in one’s backyard hammock and watching nature evolve before one’s eyes, travel is always the catalyst for learning. You have to move to groove. Continue reading The Spirit Within

The Path

It’s just that I have been writing like a freak these past three and one-half years, and that’s really odd for me.  Being sixty-one years old now, I can say without any happiness that I rarely read a book or put pen to paper (well fingers to the keyboard) to write about anything.  The only books I did read were fantasy/science fiction, and the only thing I could relate to as God was a pleasantly dull agnostic or pantheistic reference to God being in all things of this world – if there was a god at all.  If pressed, I was an atheist.

Somehow that has all changed, and I have to say it happened all in the span of two hours in the middle of the night on January 13, 2009.  It’s a lot to go into now.  I can say that when I went back to bed, the morning sun greeted a transformed and fully alive person; one reborn, one with spiritual iron for faith.  God is with me now in a most apparent, glorious and eventful way

The Green Path 1So, I want to talk about The Path – that walk that we all must take as God’s children.  The faith, the spirit, being born for the real time; the sanctification, the happiness that one’s path will lead them through and to if one just gives oneself over to He who can give this all.  God before time knew us.  Our parents conceived us.  Our mother’s gave birth to us.  Our instruction manuals….  well without accepting God into our lives, is nothing more than the love of our parents and the world about us growing up, or the lack there of the love that we so desperately seek.

I’m hoping that should one read my words there might be some measure of recognition of common thoughts and events; something that clicks in your mind and heart, and gives you the desire to write a bit in response. I look forward to such discourse, for as I know now, God has high expectations for His children. He looks to the day when we all are one in Him. Let’s give it a try. Blessings.

L Reese Cumming