Palas de Rei to Arzua – Day 30

Leaving Palas de Rei

What amazes me, as I begin writing this post, is the abstract sense and quality of time that I encounter with each day’s journey.  In attempting to begin my recount of this day, I found myself somewhat confused as to where I started this morning.  It was Palas de Rei, it was in the dark of the morning, barely past 6:00am, and I had to maneuver my way out of this small city, through its suburbs, and out into the countryside.  Had I really done that this morning, or am I confusing this remembrance with another? 

Yes, this is the correct recount.  I can only remark that when one is basically alone in their thoughts for days, even weeks, there is a different sort of time occurring.  The sun still rises and sets, the moon rises and crosses the sky, people rise like the sun (only slower and less predictable), they scurry about for some time and then mysteriously disappear into some catatonic state while the sun takes a rest.  That’s all there.  What isn’t there is that one condition that marks man’s time before him, and as he proceeds through it; communication. 

Above all else, I have learned that man is truly a social animal.  Man has nothing except for his society of man, and all things human work through that condition.  To discriminate within the world is to despise part of yourself, and to reject what God has made for you. God will not bridge over that which He has made for you, just so that you may live a life less than He has planned.  Your service to God can only be true service when it is void of the discrimination that harms the society of man, and impedes God’s work within you.  This is as God has made it.

Weather has dramatically changed.  No longer are those chilly, refreshing mornings till 10:00am.  Now we have heat, and it’s coming early.  Coolness is gone by 8:00am, and the humidity is a little more evident; though I can say that the sun seems ‘thin’ in comparison to the sun of South Florida, where, truly, one could fry an egg on the sidewalk.  By the afternoon, the temperature has risen into the low 90’s, and people are seeking shelter.  (A side note:  Air conditioning is somewhat a luxury in commercial establishments and Albergues in this part of the world.)  Luckily, evenings still cool off to the point where a light blanket can be helpful.

Galicia, the region, has the unique characteristic of entwining forest, glen, and field.  This makes for an enjoyable and varied walk, where I am always turning a corner and encountering changes.  It’s certainly eliminates the boredom that I experienced back on the meseta of the Castilla & Leon region.  In particular, the forests are really enjoyable.  They’re dark and cool, the birds are everywhere with their songs, and the creeks thread their way through the topography constantly; leaving the sounds of water tumbling of the boulders as a perennial forest laughter in the ears.  It would be not hard to imagine where thoughts of elves and fairies could be encountered as a real possibility in the forests of the world.  The evidence is everywhere.

Today was a good walk.  I was on guard for my ‘foes’, and let them not into my day.  Goals were set and met, and I am content. 

Enjoy the photos. 

Tomorrow is O’Pedrouso, then it’s Santiago de Compostela.  Both are short walks, comparatively, with the 29 kilometers of today (18 miles).  Things are becoming quite surreal at this point; I mean so much has gone into this pilgrimage and for so many days.  I have spent so much of each day and night thinking of my Lord God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as I have walked this out.  I have asked Him daily where He wants us to meet, and all of the ancient maps within my mind have yielded only clues; not answers.  I just want that “other side” with God; just Him and I.  But at the end of each day and each prayer, I find myself still seating in this chair.  Life comes back to a consciousness of this world and not the next.  I know He is telling me this is where I must walk it out; this is my world for now.  Lord, Lord I love thee.

Love and God Bless – Reese

2 thoughts on “Palas de Rei to Arzua – Day 30

  1. I have enjoyed your observations and photos. Can not believe that your journey is almost over. St. Petes Look forward to your safe return . Eileen

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights, and pictures on your pilgrimage. I was blessed to be in the chapel just after your accident – your decision to continue your quest in the face of challenges is truly an inspiration!. You and your journey have been in my thoughts and prayers since that day – the prayers will continue as complete your mission.

    Mariellen Simon, St. Perter’s Community

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