Burgos to Hontanna – Day 13

Leaving Burgos, I continued my journey through northern Spain, and onto Hontanna.  I had planned to stay in Hornillos del Camino, but with an early arrival, and a restless feeling, I decided to forge onto Hontanna; some ten kilometers away. 

Hontanna surprised and pleased me with its tight epicenter catering exclusively to the many peregrinos who passed through the town; gathering a bit of rest, a bite to eat, a beer to drink, and possibly a bed to sleep in for the night.  I decided the moment I arrived I would stay both this night and the next, so I arranged a room for the following night at the Hostel Fuente Estrella.  For this night, it would be the Albergue Puntido.

I must confess that for the past three days, my journey has been more of a march.  And I have had a small voice for the past few days questioning my focus.  Perhaps it is some small voice that calls for me to give Him more of what I have within me each day, than what I give to the world I serve on this journey.  God is a jealous God, and wants us all in the glory of His love and grace.  Perhaps, just perhaps in this wilderness, He wishes to draw me close; so close that His sheer omnipotence will burn away that which is unclean, forever. 

I’ve given it some thought this day, and I have always find His way through my writing….

Where Far Eyes See

I have walked where far eyes see.

I have tasked and overcome. 

Yet have I found my Lord, 

Where His grace, His Word, and Spirit are one

With all that I am,

And hope to soon become?


This journey’s long, these days unnumbered.

Morning is a new sun that

Buds from foreign soil,

And uncurls its golden petals.

Yet it colors me not the early hours 

As I walk in solitude; no warmth, just nettles.


This rock is rugged, this world blows cold

In contest with my Lord.

And I find myself a struggling soul

Of unknown depth and breadth;

One that obscures my mission,

And would give my cause to Death.


And with each evening, my time secure

With pilgrims of human strength and wisdom,

I share my life with theirs,

And come away short on vision.

For who am I who’s come so far

Yet cannot escape his own prison?


Might Hornillos del Camino be

That village where I find rest?

Or am I not where I hope to be; 

My village over that crest, perhaps? 

Just ten kilometers more. 

Is that an hour, or another hour more?


My legs still birthing footfall, my eyes still questing.

Yet my mind is still resting in a habit

Not of virtue or vice; just man’s own thought

That goodness and decision

Lies in what man has wrought.

In this world, to the neglect of the next,

We bring upon ourselves this vex.


But I am called to a further place where must come

My truth of the One who holds His Deep

Back with the sands of humanity,

And shepherds His earth in humility.

Where my Lord awaits for me,

I must know His divinity.

Where my Lord awaits for me,

I am called to His eternity.

Where my Lord awaits for me,

There shall my glory be.


Love, God Bless, and Buen Camino – Reese

3 thoughts on “Burgos to Hontanna – Day 13

  1. After much thought and reflection on the rocks in the road. When the walking gets tough it is a test of perserverence. Life is never straight and smooth. We all find the going difficult at times and sometimes with no end in sight. It is a test. Do we get angry, do we give up especially when there appears to be no end. In Gods time we manage to find the smooth road. When you described the rocks in the road all I could think of was the difficult times in everyones life. Life does have its rocks.

  2. Magnificent scenery and pictures!! God Bless you for your faith that eminates throughout this journey.

  3. Hello Reese – I have just been given your link from Phil, who walked with you recently. Much to catch up on from the start of your blog but think you’ll be taking us all on this pilgrimage via your photos, whilst we make our own spiritual journey alongside you from our own homes. Thank you for your comments. God Bless you, Joanna.

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