Belorado to Ages – Day 11

Camino Marker

Leaving Belorado was a most pleasant feeling.  The night before at Cuatro Cantones had really smoothed out a lot of the rough.  I could walk on with satisfaction.

It was during this walk that I found myself renewing my acquaintances with the many pilgrims I have come to meet, walk and talk with during any one day’s journey.  I have tried to enjoy their company with an intense interest, and then offer my thanks for our meeting and conversation and move on the next day alone. I truly believe one of my many lessons to learn out here is to practice the art of initiating and engaging people in conversations that extend beyond a “How do you do?”

Now before you snicker, I have never been, in my atheist past, an extroverted type of person.   I rather disliked people for the most part; finding them, in my mind, untrustworthy.  Down deep I always wanted to put my whole trust in people; somewhere along the road of my youth that all got derailed.  So, I’m in shop and up on the lift.  The Holy Spirit is checking me over and replacing a few parts.  Soon I be like new.

I’d like to run through some of the people I’ve met…..

In St. Jean Pied de Port, I shared a dorm room with Case and Mary, from Holland.  They spoke English very well, and gave me a good sense of security as I prepared myself for the Camino.  Bless them, Lord.

From Zubiri to Pamplona, I was befriended and coached by Allison and Kate.  They were well experienced to the process of the Camino, and I loved their encouragement and interest in why I was there on the Camino.  Bless Them, Lord.

In Pamplona, there was Debbie, from Holland.  We had few words together, but she was the first young pilgrim I had the chance to talk to.  She gave me energy.  Bless Her, Lord.

Leaving Pamplona; my guardian angel.  Bless Him, Lord.

In Puente La Reina; Paul, the college Catholic attending St. Thomas University.  He showed me the intense faith of a devout Catholic; his unswerving desire to be obedient to God’s will.  May his head heal from that bang on the door frame at Albergue Jacque.  Bless him, Lord.

In Puente La Reina and Estella, I had a most pleasant dinner with Grace and Shawn.  They were part of a larger table of young pilgrims I sat with, but I found them both engaging, sensitive, and adventurous.  I shared a dorm room with them in Estella, and parted the next morning, early, wondering if I would run into either one of them again.  Bless them, Lord.

From Los Arcos to Logrono; well that’s my Irish Pastor.  Need I say more?  What a day!  Bless him, Lord.  And please heal his leg.

From Logrono to Najera, I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Olaf, from Germany.  I hope his fiftieth birthday in Burgos is a most happy occasion.  Bless him, Lord.

 In Najera, I never got his name, but the owner of the small hotel I stayed out, was most gracious and caring for me.  Bless him, Lord.

In Santo Domingo de la Calzada, I would like to mention a gentleman from Belgium.  We spent but a few moments together, but at the end of a miserable day of cold winds and rain, he was a most optimistic and gentle soul.  Bless him, Lord.

In Belorado, my dinner companions really helped to take my mind off of the Camino for a few hours.  Good conversation; especially with Lindsey, Phil, Jeremy, and Nina.  Bless them all, Lord.  Also, and I never got his name either, the owner of Cuatro Cantones, where I stayed.  What a gracious gentleman.  Bless him, Lord.

In Ages, most definitely Anna-Maria, the wife of the owner at the Albergue de San Rafael.  She had a blithe spirit that sang and danced throughout the day.  What a fun uplift she was.  Bless her, Lord.  There was another woman I met at dinner and again early the next morning.  She explained to me that she was returning from Santiago de Compostela.  I asked her where she started and where she will end.  Her answer to both questions was, “Switzerland”.  Wow, now that’s walking it out!  Bless her journey, Lord.

Now I’m in Burgos, and guess who I’ve just run into….. Allison and Kate.  Ahhh! The world turns.  Bless the world, Lord.

Enjoy the pictures….

God Bless You All and Buen Camino – Reese

2 thoughts on “Belorado to Ages – Day 11

  1. I am so envious! What dear people you have met on your journey and what marvelous memories you will bring home with you. Your photos are fabulous,enjoying them along with your narration. Godspeed Reese, you are in my prayers every day.
    Love in Christ,

  2. This blog has a lesson for all of us: love thy neighbor. In our world, most of us go about our day from one task to another, scarcely looking around ourselves in the process. We are in a flowing river of humanity , yet all we are conscious of is ourselves. How many times do we start a conversation with, How are you? and then stop listening, as we move on in our own heads to the next thought. Jesus was all about compassion. He saw others, He listened, He acted to embrace people. This is part of our journey; to love one another as ourselves. There is a wealth of encouragement, love, information, and stories we all need to hear from each other out there. We just have to look up, smile, and start a relationship. Reese, you are walking for ALL of us! Buen Camino! Kathryn

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