Landscape & Laundry

L&L Snapshot 1 EditI found myself this recent Easter Vigil in my pew, going through the final rite of coming into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  For Kathryn and I, this has been a journey that has taken four years to accomplish, and we cannot express the rest we now have in our Lord God.  And during that evening’s Mass, a few verses of Paul’s epistle to the Romans was read – Romans 6:3-11.  In those verses I was reunited with a single verse that has meant so much to me.

Romans 6:5

For if we have been united with Him in a death like His, we will certainly also be united with Him in a resurrection like His.

Perhaps a year ago, I came across a short video, directed by Geza M. Toth, for KEDD Animation Studio.  At that time I was profoundly struck by the film for both its surreality, and by an intense spiritual message that I discerned was being told behind the scenes.  Now, I have no idea what Mr. Toth was attempting to project in his film, but I certainly sensed a meaning that needed to be coaxed from the darkness of the film.

The video resided in my mind for several months without interpretation on my part, as I could not quite bring what was of the spiritual in the film into a focus that we, in the physical, could use to some good purpose.  And then one day the focus was simply handed to me; as a cautionary poem of man’s inability to discern that path that is so well lit by God’s grace, and a love so infinite and constant that He would suffer and die on a cross for us all; through Jesus Christ.

I sat, He wrote.  I hope you enjoy my adaptation of a brilliant piece of work by Mr. Toth, and find some contemplation that might strengthen your covenant with God.

God Bless – Reese

5 thoughts on “Landscape & Laundry

  1. Now I am no way as deep a thinker as you are, but my simple interpretation was that the symbolism of shaking out the wrinkles in the laundry and the buildings shaking at the same time at the same time was symbolic of the sinful nature of the world (also noted in the dark clouds) being shaken clean. The red infant’s outfit at the end symbolized new life after the cleansing (and also the clear sky in the background.) Crucifixion and Resurrection? Dying to self and rebirth? Metanoia and awakening?

    Ginny Nolan Naples, FL 🌴

  2. Using a recent class teaching on St. Ephraim, “The Lord has colored His word with many hues so that each person who studies it can see in it what he loves. He has hidden many treasures in His word so that each of us is enriched as we meditate on it.” I am always renewed to see and hear other people’s insight in what they see and hear about them.

    God Bless – Reese

  3. Hello. I liked it very much. Thanks for sharing it. At first, it transported me back to South America when I lived in a 3 story building and needed to go up with my laundry just like her, but still pregnant of my first child. Things seemed black and white, dark as night, lifeless for many years after that. Suffering quiete, frustrating and without understanding the purpose of my gray life. I am very alive today thankd to my finding of the meaning of life when I accepted Jesus Crist as my savior and His Truth, even without understanding it well. I understood I would be like silver purified at high heat through the fire of life, and enjoy so much what I do have and trust He aliviates my loads as His time. Amen. Grateful. Thanks so much again. Cam we share it?

    1. Thank you, Diana, for you most passionate expression of what is taking place in this video. You are the woman on the roof top. And you have set out the truth of Christ through your suffering and resurrection into the eternal life within Christ; as one. May you keep yourself pure for Christ forever. God Bless you.

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