Purpose & Purity – The Obligation to Christ’s Church

Sunday ServiceThis past week, and for the reason of talking about aspects of Catholic faith, I ventured a fact about the Catholic doctrine on sin to a Charismatic friend of mine.  I noted to her that the Catholic Church obligates us to attend Sunday Mass.  Should we not do so, it is considered a mortal sin and we must exclude ourselves from receiving the Eucharist until we have confessed to this negligence and sin.

Now my friend, like many Christians, has to work hard to give respect to the Catholic Church. After several small skirmishes between us over the matter of doctrine and practice, I found myself delivering a strong rebuttal on the common respect due Catholicism.  I had learned at New Hope Ministries that Catholicism is more than frowned upon by many practicing Christians; as if it were some cave of lepers from the time of Jesus.  So I was not surprised when what I received back for my offering was a look of disapproval and a dodge from discourse. Continue reading Purpose & Purity – The Obligation to Christ’s Church