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L&L Snapshot 1 EditI found myself this recent Easter Vigil in my pew, going through the final rite of coming into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  For Kathryn and I, this has been a journey that has taken four years to accomplish, and we cannot express the rest we now have in our Lord God.  And during that evening’s Mass, a few verses of Paul’s epistle to the Romans was read – Romans 6:3-11.  In those verses I was reunited with a single verse that has meant so much to me.

Romans 6:5

For if we have been united with Him in a death like His, we will certainly also be united with Him in a resurrection like His.

Perhaps a year ago, I came across a short video, directed by Geza M. Toth, for KEDD Animation Studio.  At that time I was profoundly struck by the film for both its surreality, and by an intense spiritual message that I discerned was being told behind the scenes.  Now, I have no idea what Mr. Toth was attempting to project in his film, but I certainly sensed a meaning that needed to be coaxed from the darkness of the film.

The video resided in my mind for several months without interpretation on my part, as I could not quite bring what was of the spiritual in the film into a focus that we, in the physical, could use to some good purpose.  And then one day the focus was simply handed to me; as a cautionary poem of man’s inability to discern that path that is so well lit by God’s grace, and a love so infinite and constant that He would suffer and die on a cross for us all; through Jesus Christ.

I sat, He wrote.  I hope you enjoy my adaptation of a brilliant piece of work by Mr. Toth, and find some contemplation that might strengthen your covenant with God.

God Bless – Reese