The Superfluidity of Normal

This short post is a follow-up to my previous one.

The old adage, and truthful, is that one never sees their own shortcomings; only those of their neighbors. This isn’t just a one-off.  The fact that this is true points us towards another fact, and that is humanity accepts the relational interactions that it engages in as foundational – unchangeable – to the very physiological and psychological nature of our species. We see the manner, the way, in which each human being engages with another human being – an individual – or to a number of human beings – a group – as what we are in a natural state. In other words, the manner in which we relate to one another and communicate with one another is what we refer to as being normal; it’s natural and typical of a human being who is sane and ordered; the median of human experience and range of expression. It’s observable in our history, we exhibit it now in the present, and most likely we will continue this normal into the future. This is just how a human thinks, talks, and acts. We really have no idea what an alternate to this normal could possibly be.

Let me suggest an alternative, or at least point towards one. Continue reading The Superfluidity of Normal