Reese & KathrynHappily married to my forever wife, Kathryn, we live in Naples, Florida.  We have one son, Miles, who at the young age of twenty-two, constantly amazes us with his maturity, his drive, kindness, and generosity.  He listens to God better than I ever had throughout most of my life.

I am a designer of homes and furniture; finding my career to truly be my calling, for I am at my best when I am helping to guide a family into their ideal home; surrounding themselves with those things that give them the most joy; encouraging the family bond.

IMG_4077The purpose of this blog is to talk about the crossroads between the theistic and the secular worlds.  To discuss how these two disparate worlds run parallel to one another for so many good reasons; how they frequently cross one another for a moment and then move away, and how they can entangle like an inner-city highway system. For all such interactions you’d have to believe there would be a fluent, common language by which to communicate and demonstrate respect for all, and yet each camp maintains its own unique language separate from the other, and how the translations we attempt have become so difficult to understand.

Our common ground is infinitely greater than the distances there are between our personal desires and fleeting lives.  If you are a theist, then God wishes you great happiness.  If you are an atheist, then mankind wishes you great happiness.  And if agnostic, well you don’t really care where happiness comes from, as long as no one impedes your way in finding it.

I invite one and all into this pursuit for the common language that binds us all in love, and not just tolerance.OS09 team

L Reese Cumming

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  1. What an awesome undertaking you have set out to accomplish. May you be safe & find comfort in your mourner!

  2. Hello again, nice walking with you today and sharing about God and the world…..Buen Camino!

  3. good morning – I have followed your journey on the Camino and enjoyed it very much. I am planning on walking the Camino Francis late next summer and wonder if I could ask you a few questions from your personal observations. I am a 70 year old female who may be walking it alone or with a friend. You mentioned that there were times when the direction arrows were not clear – how difficult did you really find this, did you perceive any danger along the way, why did you stop walking at 12N each day – was it too difficult to get a bed later in the day or was that just a personal preference and with regard to the dark forest at the end, would it be better to just wait for first light? I am sure these are answered in some guide books, but there is nothing like hearing a personal opinion from someone who has actually been there and done it. I am glad you are home safe and happy with your closer relationship to our Lord. Also, are you planning an evening at St. Peter’s where you can show your pictures?

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