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Mansilla de las Mulas to Leon – Day 19


Shell Marker

My walk onto Leon in the morning was, in one sense, a time to relish the thought that I would be staying here for a few days.  My feet needed attention and a thorough drying out.  Between the blisters and the wet boots that promoted what I have been told is probably trench foot, they needed the care.  In another sense coming into Leon is a bit of a milestone.  The few days I will be staying here will allow me the time to reflect on things thus far, and try to get them in order and well as make some sense of them.

It was a sense of relief when I saw the distant rooflines of Leon; knowing in another hour or so I’d be either registered at a simple hotel, or I’d be in the Municipal Albergue should there be no hotel rooms available.  You can imagine my feelings when I secured a small room with a roof skylight view of the famous Leon Cathedral just two blocks away.  I had indeed been fortunate.

The next three days have been one of rest, care for the feet and toes, and a little exploration of the old city once my feet felt up to the adventure.  The photos I have assembled here are but a small offering of what the city of Leon has to offer the visitor of such a vibrant city.  Whether it be morning, afternoon, evening, or late into the early hours of the next day, there is always something going on in the streets of this city.  The people live to be out amongst one another; to renew old relationships, and to experience that community quality of love and spirit that Leon is well-known for.

Enjoy the Saturday Market shots.  You can’t find a grocery store anywhere, but on Saturday morning, the Plaza Mayor comes alive with farmers and vendors selling the full range of foods.

Thought you’d like to see a few exterior shots of the Leon Cathedral.  It is considered to be one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in all of Spain.

And, of course, let’s not leave of my lunch.  Muy delicioso!

My Lunch

Love and God Bless – Reese

Author: Reese

Happily married to my forever wife, Kathryn, we live in Naples, Florida. We have one son, Miles, who at the young age of twenty-four, constantly amazes us with his maturity, his drive, kindness, and generosity. He listens to God better than I ever had throughout most of my life. I am a designer of homes and furniture; finding my career to truly be my calling, for I am at my best when I am helping to guide a family into their ideal home; surrounding themselves with those things that give them the most joy; encouraging the family bond. The purpose of this blog is to talk about the crossroads between the theistic and the secular worlds. To discuss how these two disparate worlds run parallel to one another for so many good reasons; how they frequently cross one another for a moment and then move away, and how they can entangle like an inner-city highway system. For all such interactions you'd have to believe there would be a fluent, common language by which to communicate and demonstrate respect for all, and yet each camp maintains its own unique language separate from the other, and how the translations we attempt have become so difficult to understand.

2 thoughts on “Mansilla de las Mulas to Leon – Day 19

  1. Hi Reese,

    puuuh, you had hard days of walking, stay in balance and walk much slower, that was my secret for well being feet.
    Your friend Olaf

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